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Am I Doing This Write?

Here I go…I’m typing my first blog post on my new blog Whimsical Narratives (I also have a YouTube channel and Instagram of the same name). This blog has been sitting empty for almost a year. I never really had the inspiration or motivation to start the writing posts after the rush of excitement over … Read More about Am I Doing This Write?

My Spooky October TBR | 2018

It’s October and I can already feel a new crispness in the air. Something about October drives home the lingering doubts that the Autumn season will never arrive. I’m ready to cozy up in my chunky knit sweaters with a warm drink of my choice and fall into my October TBR. This month, I’m going … Read More about My Spooky October TBR | 2018

October’s Spooky TBR ~ 2017

Halloween is only a few weeks away and to get into the spirit I have chosen three books that showcase the paranormal in different ways! We have supernatural powers, a haunting, and vampires which all await me in this month’s spooky TBR! Without further rambling, here is what I am reading this month. I’ll be starting … Read More about October’s Spooky TBR ~ 2017