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The Top 5 Wednesday Weekly Meme/Tag was c118368reated by Lainey (gingerreadslainey) and is now moderated by Sam (ThoughtsOnTomes). To learn more about this tag and how to participate check out the group on Goodreads here. Each month there is a set of topics and each Wednesday you blog, film, Instagram, etc. your Top 5 for that specific topic or you can skip a week if you just aren’t feeling it.

The topic I will be discussing today is:

Characters I Am Most Like

Tessa Grey from The Infernal Devices18335634

Tessa and I both share a love of books and reading. Getting lost in the stories and the different worlds is something I love so much.
Though, to make the likeness even more accurate I really should get a copy of A Tale of Two Cities!

Sydney Sage from Vampire Academy & Bloodlines

A little bit of a goofy one here!  Over the past few months, I have begun to live off of coffee in the morning and we all know the Sydney cannot go without her multiple cups of coffee per day! Though, I personally  like to add an Iced Caramel Chai Latte into the mix sometimes!

Rose Hathaway from Vampire Academy & Bloodlines

I’ve always loved Rose from the beginning of this series. The trait that Rose and I share is our sarcasm and wit. The sarcasm comes easily and on a good day I will have multiple witty comebacks that just flow easily out of my mouth…though like Rose this isn’t always a good thing. Thankfully, my friends seem to realize my sarcasm and do not get offended. At least I hope they don’t…

The Weasleys from Harry Potter

Yes, I know the Weasley family is made up of multiple characters. As a whole, they epitomize the love of family and friends. They care very strongly and will go to great lengths to protect each other and that hand extends to people like Harry and Hermione who are just friends. I love my friends and family dearly and always have the need to take care of them and listen to them and give advice and I felt like the Weasleys really encompassed that part of me.

Sophie May from Billy and Me16112830

Like me, Sophie May shies away from the spotlight, which is not how she used to be as a child. I feel like I have stepped back and not put myself out there as much as I used to because of my anxiety in different situations and because of my depression that can develop off and on as well. Sophie deals with her anxiety and the causes of it in the book and that is just what I have been doing this past 6 to 7 months or so in my own life. I may give this book a reread soon…maybe there is some advice that I could use that wasn’t relevant the first time around.

WOW! That was a really hard T5W….I have been thinking about this topic all day. I’m pretty happy with myself on my choices at the end of it. I opened up a bit about my personality, which I think was a good exercise for me, though truly terrifying at the same time to give up some details about myself that I don’t usually tell many people. It’s much easier to write then to say it out loud.

In the comments, let me know how you fared in making your list or one character that you identify with the most. Thanks for reading!






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