Book Review ~ Talk of Shame by Alex Everwood

Title: Talk of Shame: What a Rush
Author: Alex Everwood
Publisher: »be« by Bastei Entertainment; an imprint of Bastei Lübbe AG
Published: 14 November 2017

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Publisher Summary


Goodbye, high school. Hello, Alpha Chi!

Somerville University. Katie, Jill, and Beatrice kick off freshman year with high hopes, but life doesn’t go as planned. Old grudges bubble up. New friendships aren’t what theyseem. One thing is for sure: no one wants to get caught on the Talk of Shame feed, the university’s unofficial gossip site. One bad pic, and your reputation is shot. Unfortunately, that’s a lesson learned the hard way… #TalkOfShame

[…] Katie, Jill, and, Beatrice may not always get along. But together they champion and struggle with the ins-and-outs of Greek Row, a life of hook-ups, heartbreak, backstabbing, and cheating. Both in and out of the classroom.

My Review

“Talk of Shame” was a fun and fantastic read. It was one of those books that you want to bring to the beach or on long car journeys. This book has all you need for an intriguing New Adult – Contemporary novel.

The story is told for the POV of three freshman girls, who are all rushing sororities. The author did a fantastic job of giving each of the three girls their own personality and voice. I could always tell who was narrating each part of the story.

While there is some romance, I appreciated that it wasn’t the main focus of the book, and that it let the friendships and drama unfold in a more realistic way. Really though, I wouldn’t mind some more romance if a sequel is in the works.

The only thing that I wish was a bit different is the unfolding of the climatic action. I would have liked the “Talk of Shame” plotline to have come to fruition a bit sooner. I think it would have increased the energy in the plot, so we could have had more of a dramatic finish. That being said, I loved the ending! It answered all leftover questions, and, by doing so, really hit home the key messages of the book.

P.S. Who wants a cute fire escape desk area? I know I do! 

***Thank you to NetGalley & be-ebooks at Bastei Entertainment for supplying this book in exchange for an honest review.

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